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Egyptian games, information and more!




 Explore the paintings on this web page to learn more about the life of a wealthy nobleman in Ancient Egypt. On your worksheet, write three new facts you learned from the web site about everyday life in Ancient Egypt.


 Read and explore these two stories about the lives of a nobleman and of a farmer in Ancient Egypt. On your worksheet tell what you think about the nobleman's way of life COMPARED with that of the farmer


 Here's a clickable mummy - write three facts you found the most interesting on your worksheet


 Go to this site to learn about Nefertiti. Write two facts about her on your worksheet


Write your name in hieroglyphs on your worksheet, using this page - there's a list towards the bottom of the page


 Using the instructions at this site do an Egyptian drawing on a separate piece of paper


You can
put these words in alphabetical order:

sarcophagus   tutankhamen  nefertiti  river pyramid

ancient  mummy   egypt  hieroglyphics  nile  pharoah

Do an online Ancient Egyptian Wordsearch
good fun!