Websites Recommended by our School Counsellor


NSW Dept of Community Services
Child protection, family support

Parenting South Australia
helping parents be their best.

Centacare family and relationship counselling

The Smith Family
support for families in need

a charity which provides support for families

Relationships Australia family counselling

Tough love
A self-help program for kids, parents and communities struggling with unacceptable adolescent behaviour

online and telephone counselling and information

counselling and mediation

a service for families at risk of breakdown

NSW Parenting
info for parents

Young People

Kids Help Line
free online /telephone counselling service for 5 to 18 year olds

inspires young people to help themselves through tough times

School Mental Health Project
fosters good mental health in schools (USA site)

child and adolescent psychological and educational resources

 Australian Childhood Foundation
aims to prevent child abuse

Child and Youth Health
a site for 6-12 year olds about health related issues

  Young Media Australia
information about the media and its effect on kids

Adolescent Directory Online
info about adolescence

ABCD Parenting
advice for parenting young adolescents

Depression & Mental Health

The Moodgym
a training program to help prevent depression

a site to help people make informed choices and find solutions to living with depression

 Mental Health NSW
Promoting opportunities for people to enjoy optimum mental health

help for people affected by mental illness

Australian Network for the Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health



Community based media, arts and information service

  Sydney Uni Koori information service

Koori Druginfo
a Koori drug information service

Koori Health
Vic government Koori health info service

 Koori Mail
Indigenous newspaper

 Vic health
Koori information

Bullying. No Way
a site dedicated to eradicating the effects of bullying
Bullying in Schools
bullying and what to do about it.

NSW Multicultural Health Information Service
Multilingual health information

Legal Aid legal advice

Salvation Army charity with a variety of services.

internet safety advice

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