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This page was created by Mrs Beedles
Flinders Public School
Links checked July 2016


                                                                                      NEW! - Rainforest animals for kids
                                                                                      suggested by Mattie's Scout Troup in Arizona


Online Worksheets

Minnamurra Information Sheets          Minnamurra Worksheets       

Virtual Rainforest Tour  


Biomes of the World
compare conditions in different zones

Layers of the Rainforest

Zoom Rainforests
Enchanted Learning

Rainforest Australia
A wealth of information and images of Australian Rainforests

Passport to the Rainforest
Includes maps and a worldwide perspective


Rainforest Quiz

Easy really - why not try putting your own quiz together?
You could use to make your own online jigsaw puzzle or
discovery school puzzlemaker to make a wordsearch
or other puzzle for your friends to do!